Helping Loved Ones to Stay Active at Home


Altering diet, adhering to medications, and seeking care provider services are some of the effective ways to keep your loved one’s health in check. However, staying active is also the best way to improve physical health.

If your loved one is hesitant to stay active, it’s time for you to help them. We do not only provide home healthcare in Temple Terrace, Florida, but we can also give you tips on how to help your loved one to stay physically active.

  • Seek professional assistance.
    One way to break your loved one’s hesitance is by seeking professional help. It means you can seek help from a physical therapist to provide physical therapy for your loved one. In addition, they can share the importance of staying physically active.
  • Take slow steps.
    Being physically active can be too heavy for the first try. Thus, it is necessary to take smaller steps first. You can try to accompany them on a 5-minute walk and proceed to heavier exercises or activities later. You can ensure their safety by seeking personal support.
  • Plan activities that interest your loved one.
    If your loved one likes plants and nature, why not suggest gardening for them? Including their interests in physical activities may convince them to perform the activities.

Staying physically active can be scary, especially when dealing with health issues. However, our home health aide in Florida is here to help them. Contact us at Chelsea Home Healthcare, and we can help figure out what’s best for you and your loved one at home.

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